Sunday, March 13, 2011

Microsoft Word and vector operations

Putting together a worksheet with vector addition, subtraction, scalar multiplication, for the students to do and while I'm using all the drawing tools in Word, I realized: Why should I get to have all the fun?

Why don't I just give them the vectors, the operations, and have them move arrows, flip them, clone them using the same tools I did to create the worksheet? Then they can even draw the resultants with the arrow tool!

I'll give this as an in-class activity. They will NOT print it up, they'll just open it and move the vectors around to find the answers. Then I'll have them compare answers. Hopefully I'll see something like -  mrs I can't fit the arrows inside the rectangle - really, then why don't you move the arrows around till they fit or - hey my answer isn't in the same place as yours, but it's the same length and direction - is that ok? ...Finally, they'll upload their answers to their dropboxes. No paper.

Operations on vectors

My hope is that performing the operations in this concrete way will make the algebra easier to digest.

Note - it seems that scribd doesn't like microsoft equation objects. They never look right after I've uploaded them. I am terribly vexed.

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