Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Followup on flipping

What I did:
 I put together 6 different activities. The first 5 were on powerpoint slides:

...and the last was in smart notebook:

  • I first asked who had done their "homework" of watching the rest of yesterday's powerpoint. Sigh. Exactly half. Just did a few quick examples similar to those that were in the slides, to make sure everyone had some idea of what was coming.
  • Next I put activity 1 (drawing angles in degrees) on the eboard, and put them into groups of 3, in different breakout rooms. Within each room, each picked one of the examples on the slide, put their initials next to it, and drew the angle.
  • Brought them all back to main room once all were done, compared and discussed. Eg. Marley drew 120 degrees by picturing 90 + 30, and Justin by using a third of the circle. (EXCELLENT!)
  • Back into rooms for activity 2 (converting degrees to radians) whereupon it was clear that it was time to differentiate and have groups go at their own pace. This way, whatever I had to say to any particular group was one of those just-in-time jobbies. (EXCELLENT AGAIN!)
  • Of course no one finished everything, which is the point, right? This is all about self-directed learning, so I gave the rest for homework, real homework, including the notebook activity, which by the way is cool:
In Notebook, they can move the little yellow tiles around. I want them to classify them by moving them into the correct row and column of the table. This is inspired by Malcolm Swan, of course, and it's the type of activity called "Classifying mathematical objects." I hope they will find it fun! I would, but then I am special....

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