Shameless self-promotion page

  • Jan 2020: Received this message from a student:
  • July 2019: I got to go to Linz, Austria again for the Geogebra Global Gathering, this time on the invitation of Graspable Math!
  • July 2018: I was accepted into the Desmos Fellowship weekend and got to go to Desmos headquarters in San Francisco for a weekend of learning and meeting fellow fellows
  • July 2017: I was invited to attend the GeoGebra Global Gathering in Linz Austria. Literally a dream come true.
    I'm pretty much dead center

    At THE headquarters with Jennifer Silverman, my GGB BFF

    Sitting with Markus Hohenwarter, founder of GeoGebra

    Barely holding onto my sanity

    Presenting my students' work
  • April 2016: I was interviewed, along with Cathy Yenca and Bob Lochel, by Katrina Schwartz for her article in Mind/shift about Desmos:

  • September 2014: I got to participate in this video by Jon Thomas-Palmer, along with Ray Lu, Ken Bauer, and Nicole Avon:

  • May 2013: My explainaholic post was turned into a video, and I was turned into a gladiator, by Marc-AndrĂ© Lalande and his fabulous graphic artist Sonia Boulais:

  • January 19, 2013: My post about my mother was published in The Montreal Gazette:

  • November 2012: A skype interview with Kate Russell, from Game to Learn

  • October 31, 2012My K12 Online presentation

  • October 20, 2012: I and my colleague Peggy Drolet  got to travel to beautiful New Orleans Louisiana for the iNacol's 2012 Virtual School Symposium, and to accept their 2012 Innovative Online Learning Practices Award.

  • April 2012My first presentation on the Flipped Class, for APOP, recorded link here


  1. Hi Audrey, I was looking at your blog today. I sincerely like the color coding used by those doing the expnential exercise. Talk to you soon!

  2. Thanks, whoever you are! I am a big fan of colour coding too. Hmmm, you spelled it "color" - the American way, that narrows down your identity....ummmm....not much.

  3. It seems that you neglected to mention a certain international award in your Shameless Self-promotion...

    1. Oh my, you're right, how did I miss that? Will have to find a way to put that in here won't I?