Monday, March 21, 2011

The Math of Khan (sorry Star Trek fans...)

I had known about this site before I saw the Tedtalks video, but once again, you can know a thing and not know it at the same time. Sal Khan is such an appealing person, and his goal to educate everyone for free is at once humble and great, so now I know about it a lot better!

I didn't realize that there were practice questions, enough to keep anyone busy for a very long time. Nor did I realize the information about who did what questions and how they did etc was so nicely summarized for the teacher, or the "coach." It certainly would be nice to find out that one of my students is practicing trigonometry on the sly, and getting better and more confident to boot.

This week, I will be getting all my students to sign up and register me as their coach. I will show them what's available for them, and see what happens. Then I'm going to try "flipping the class." I'll have them learn something from one of the videos, then we'll do "homework" in class.

I had thought of getting my students to watch my own recording of a lesson, and using that to flip the class, but let's face it, that would have meant even more prep for me, and I have enough of that, thanks, just like all teachers. Sal Khan is doing that part for all of us.

If they ever make a movie about him, there's your title! Now I can start raking it in!

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