Friday, March 4, 2011

Going Public

These days it takes me a while to make connections. What can I say, I'm not in my twenties anymore. Ahem.

Read something a while ago about how a classblog dies after a while if you restrict it so that only class members can comment. Hmm I thought...interesting.

Then my classblog got a couple of shoutouts on Twitter from Darren K and others. I told my students about it and they were really excited to hear that their words were tweeted, or tweeted about! Miss, you mean we're famous? Cool, I thought....

Only now am I realizing that that was first-hand evidence of the very least impact that going public would have. At least. Just imagining what else might happen...after all, when I see that someone from Russia has read my post, I am giddy with joy! Imagine if they got to experience that, or if they got to interact with a student from Russia!

I have got to go public. Of course I will have to moderate everything, I'm ready to do that for my students. I wonder if I will one day read that and think "Right. Twit." Problems you wish you had.


  1. Let's fire up the permission forms! Kerry has a good one in the blogging resources section in SAKAI.

  2. Far from my 20s ;-) but it is commenting that is one of the strengths of blogging. It's important that your students have an opportunity to comment on others and not just be receivers. Here's a site to explore

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