Saturday, April 2, 2011


If you have never heard of EDTECHHULK, allow me to introduce you. Here are a few of his tweets:

I first came upon him when Dan Meyer tweeted this:

This guy makes me laugh just about every day. Not just because he is hilarious, but because I often see myself as a bit of a hulk when it comes to edtech. Because it can make me:
  • feel hopelessly far behind when I read about another new thing
  • green with envy of people who seem to intuitively know how new things work
  • unable to understand what anyone is talking about when they say things like RSS, or LDAP, or hashtag, or ....
  • ask unimagineably stupid questions like "What is RSS?" or "What is LDAP?"
  • easily upset when I still don't understand, even after I go to google or wikipedia and the definition uses other non-words I don't understand
  • instantly high-blood-pressured when I try something new and it doesn't work the first time, or it's totally non-intuitive and makes my head hurt
  • prone to violent outbursts directed toward said edtech, usually my poor computer, or the poor person who is within smashing range
Oh yes, I understand you my friend. If you are edtechhulk, then I am edtechhulkette. Except everyone knows who I am.

But really, who is EDTECHHULK?

I wonder if he will ever reveal his true identity to the world. Is he a teacher or an administrator? I think teacher. Does he love technology or hate it? I think he loves it when it helps and when it works well. And what about gender? Might be a female, after all, there is no comic book female equivalent to The Hulk. Does he/she sit at meetings, get angrier and angrier, then count the seconds until it's time to transform and tweet as EDTECHHULK?

Whoever he/she is, I certainly count the seconds till the next I hear from our friend, who I suspect is more Cookie Monster than Hulk.

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