Friday, December 2, 2011

A wonderful moment!

Today one of the things I wanted my students to do was to go to a site that I love called, read any post that they fancied, and leave a comment right there on the site. I wanted them to read Kalid Azad's brilliant blog, which is not only brilliant, but brilliantly written.

I also wanted them to experience firsthand some of the wonderful resources that are out there, and maybe even get an appreciation for blogging, since they'll be doing that soon for me.

Well, during class, one student posted a question very quickly, because he had already read an article earlier in the week (why? because it's a flipped class, and students can go at their own pace!). Fine. They are all working, I'm helping kids etc, when literally 6 minutes later, this young man private messages me:


And he had! During class! Talk about your teachable moment! I stopped everything, we all checked it out, and they were pretty impressed that there was someone from "the outside world" communicating with one of ours!

I had reassured them that he would answer them, but this was completely unexpected! The fellow who left the question said he felt kind of famous! Couldn't have asked for a better way to show them that there is a whole world out there, in which they can safely and joyfully participate in lifelong learning.

Thanks, Kalid!


  1. Hi Audrey, I'm so happy how this all turned out! It's amazing the age we live in, able to connect within minutes around the globe :).

  2. Me too, Kalid, happy doesn't even scratch the surface! Thanks again!

  3. Hmmmm...I remember a very similar experience someone else had on the very same site. Please share this story on Friday!