Friday, March 4, 2011

Embedding a quiz using googledocs

Trying out one of the bazillion ideas at this site:

It took maybe 10 minutes to create this and embed it here, just following instructions:

And OMG it worked. I even figured out how to edit the size of the quiz thingy so it fits into the post. I just replaced the numbers in the html code where it says "height =" and "width =" . I think that I have just written html. I think I am a genius.

When someone does this little quiz, I can then see their name, their answers, and when they did it. Google. Where have I been?


  1. OK, accept it! You ARE a genius. This is great! I didn't dream that what you were doing in the google doc that I saw would look this slick (and paper free!) I can't wait to see the google docs developed test with the crowd sourced problems/questions.

    I am going to have to explore the free teacher tech site in more detail, or just wait until someone keen and energetic (hmmm, who would that be?) tries everything cool. Thank you for sharing.

  2. And I shall keep trying out all the cool stuff that someone brilliant and supportive (hmmmmm who would that be?) keeps fortunately directing my way!