Instructional videos/practice files for teachers AND students:

Geogebra video 1: The basics
    Practice ggb 1

Geogebra video 2: Dynamic
    Practice ggb 2

Geogebra video 3: Sliders
    Practice ggb 3

Geogebra video 4: Checkboxes
    Practice ggb 4

Geogebra video 5: Conditionals

A voicethread that includes all of the above, plus some ideas for using geogebra with your students.

Here are the few worksheets/activities I have so far, most of which I have referred to somewhere in my blog. These are links to the webpage versions of the worksheets and all are welcome to use, download and edit as you wish, but I think you have to join in order to do that. Some of these I made from scratch, and some I got from geogebratube or straight from generous teachers.


step function explorer a-b parameters only

step function explorer all parameters

general function explorer

log function explorer all parameters

drawing an ellipse with string

sss congruency

intro to geogebra using slope as tangent to a curve

drawing an ellipse with virtual string

hyperbola explorer

locus of a parabola using focus and directrix


worksheet find rule of sqrt and quad function

worksheet find rule of linear function

worksheet find rule of various functions

worksheet find rule of absolute value function 1

worksheet find rule of absolute value function 2

worksheet representing vectors

ferris wheel 1 (student companion slides ferris wheel 1, answers: geogebra graphs only, slides version including tables)

improved ferris wheel 1

the unit circle ferris wheel, student companion slides to unit circle ferris wheel, answers

equivalent exponential functions, answers


inverse trig functions

fun way to draw conics

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