Monday, May 27, 2013

Introduction to Geogebra, plus One Big Idea

I often hear critics say that teachers who use edtech usually use it to do the same old stuff, only wrapped in a new package. I'm probably guilty of that. But what they're missing is that in order for many of us to become familiar with new technology, we first have to try it on in a familiar framework. Kind of like learning to drive in your old familiar neighbourhood.

While preparing for my Geogebra presentation for Canflip13, and organizing my own examples chronologically, I noticed that I did start out using Geogebra to do old pedagogy, but now I'm using it to create class activities unlike anything I ever did before.

Then I got what I think is A Big Idea. A way to use edtech, Geogebra that is, to do something that is truly new, cross-curricular, enhances learning, and would not have been possible without it. At least it'll be new for me and my students.

If you want to hear my idea, go to the last slide. If you want to learn how to use Geogebra, watch this! (It might be too small in the embedded version, so you can see it full screen from here.)

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