Friday, July 8, 2011

My summer assignments

My to-do list for the summer:

  • rebuild/create website for my students' to blog and access resources
  • check out how other people have done that
  • practice on new online classroom platform (Zen live)
  • learn or learn more about how to use:
    • tweetdeck
    • moodle
    • googleapps for education
    • geogebra
    • nota
    • evernote
    • vimeo
    • delicious
    • edmodo
    • flickr
  • take a break at some point
Wish me luck!


  1. ...oh yeah and get onto google+ if it's the last thing I do.....

  2. Please make sure to take a break, although all of your R & D sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. One thing at a time. I would concentrate on those that are available for you (e.g. not moodle - we don't have access - and edmodo is good but we have sakai)

  4. Dianne: Not to worry, this stuff feels like I am taking a break, but I am also doing other fun stuff that doesn't involve a computer!
    Susan - that trims my list a bit - edmodo is like sakai, check, and actually right now I'm trying to learn, from Andy Schwen, who is brilliant and generous with his time, how to use googledocs to do what moodle does.